Susan C. Turell

areas of expertise
  • Gender and Sexuality
  • Education and Training
  • Individual, couples, and family counseling
  • Intimate partner violence in LGBTQ+ communities
  • Ph.D., Psychology
  • Licensed psychologist, New York State
  • Licensed psychologist, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

In clinical practice since 1987, Susan C. Turell, PhD, has spent many years advocating for equity, diversity, and transgender patient inclusion as a licensed psychologist, researcher, academic, author, and administrator. Her areas of expertise include LGBTQ+ health care concerns and intimate partner violence, including sexual coercion and violence. She joined the practitioners at the Gender Wellness Center in 2014, to provide psychotherapy and assessments for transgender patients, their partners, and their families.

We collaborate with Bassett Healthcare Network surgeons to offer gender-affirming surgeries at our local hospitals.

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