Pediatric and Adolescent Health

LGBTQ+ children and adolescents who are supported in their gender identity do better in terms of self-esteem, mental health and life satisfaction. Our goal is to assist families, schools and communities to create safe spaces for LGBTQ+ youth to grow and thrive.

The Gender Wellness Center team provides well-child care and primary care for youth of all ages, as well as trans-specific medical interventions, counseling services, family therapy, and referrals for legal advocacy and/or social support.

Medical treatment for transgender and gender-expansive youth includes the use of medications to block puberty, allowing the youth and family have adequate time to assess gender identity and create an appropriate plan. These medications, called GnRH agonists, block the production of the pubertal hormones, estrogen and testosterone, and are a reversible intervention. After adequate assessment and with the consent of parents/guardians, our team may recommend gender-affirming hormone therapy.

We recommend that all youth and families of gender-expansive youth maintain regular contact with both medical and mental health providers throughout the course of treatment.

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